Week 1

1週目 Teacher’s Lesson

Week 2

2週目 Topic Discussion

Eg. What do you think about the cost of weddings in Japan? Would you rather use the money for your honeymoon or for your wedding ceremony?

The “Inkan” and “Hanko” are two distinct types of stamp in Japan. What are the differences between them? When and why are they used over the standard signature?

Week 3

3週目 Plain English

Eg. 1) 多くの観光客が訪れることによって、地元の店は順調に売り上げを伸ばしている。

As many tourists visit, local stores are steadily increasing sales.

2) 年賀状はお世話になっている人や友人、親戚などに旧年中の感謝の気持ちを伝えるものです。

New Year's cards are to express feelings of thanks to friends, relatives, and people who have taken care of you during the previous year.

Week 4