First English Cafe

Today`s first ever English cafe was a success. We enjoyed some coffee and chocolate and answered some questions about us (Chapman and Drew). First, we talked about our life philosophy which can be found in our profile page.

The student was curious about our life philosophy, especially about Chapman`s which is “burn the boats”. Even Drew did`t know what that meant. To “burn the boats” basically means to not run away from your dreams even though there are many difficulties ahead. Since the boats are already burned, you cannot turn back.

Next, the student shared with us a very big problem that will affect our generations to come. It is climate change. He shared with us this article that he brought with him. We all agreed that this is a serious problem that we must all think about. The student`s life philosophy is to “think globally and to act locally”. We all agreed with it because it means that we must make changes at a local level (communities and cities) first before we can change the entire world.

We just had one of the hottest summers in history and yesterday was another sign that the climate has changed.

Until next time!